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PO PRE 2000 SELECTOR, 1950's

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PO PRE 2000 SELECTOR, 1950's

Exchange Strowger Selector. Used before the new 2000 series, which looks similar.
For automatically connecting up to 100 telephone circuits to one.
If more units are linked together complete telephone numbers can be selected.

The unit is shown on its side, for the correct orientation see Item A0559

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  • I worked on these in Oldham Telephone Exchange, 1976 - 1984. The wiring round the back was a (minor) work of art. The wires were cleverly formed and bound with twine before wax was poured over them to keep them in place, I think... Anyway, it was a mucky job to get in there and find faults because there was 50 years of dust stuck in the wax. I gave up repairing the switches after I'd spent 2 hours on one only to find the boss and scrap metal merchants pulling it apart on my bench after lunch. I'd 'busy' them out after that. Takes me back to see this stuff now.
    .......... John Poulton, Preston, England, 12th of December 2013

  • I had 40 years in the industry. We Had GEC RAX's with pre 2000 selrs.

    .......... Bill Lavender, Dunedin NZ, 29th of January 2010

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