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Strowger type multi selector in use up until the late 70's.
Up to 100 telephone lines can be selected with this unit.

The unit is shown on its side, for the correct orientation see Item A0559

Your comments:

  • 4000 Types had a completely different frame extension and the test jacks were mounted vertically! The rotary shaft had horizontal steps and not vertcal as can be seen here, and of course there is no release magnet on this one.
    .......... Bob Foudy, Cape Town RSA, 15th of November 2013

  • It is a 100 outlet final selector. 200 outlet selectors would have the third wiper. The upper wiper, either third of second up would be the private. I forgot to mention, it is definitely a 2000 type.
    .......... R moore, St.Albans, 10th of October 2013

  • It is a PABX3 Final selector - diagram SA8153/1. The 'give-away' is the high speed 'HT' relay.
    .......... Ian Jolly, Yr Wyddgrug, Wales, 26th of August 2012

  • I would say it's a 2000 type mechanism (can't see a Z magnet or the bracket down front for datum pin as found on 4000 type). I would also suggest it is a 100 line final selector of some sort given the 'F' relay (ring trip detector) and 'D' relay (called sub loop detection and metering)but doesn't look like any standard Non Director finals I was familiar with.
    .......... David Woodall, Birtley, Tyne & Wear., 17th of June 2012

  • On second thoughts it only has two wiper sets so it's probably a test selector
    .......... Jim Wilson, nottingham UK, 9th of May 2012

  • That I would say is a 2000 type group selector.
    .......... Jim Wilson, Nottingham UK, 9th of May 2012

  • Looks like a 4000 type to me
    .......... Ralph Morgan, Cape Town, 28th of April 2012

  • That doesn't look like a final from here, looks more like an ordinary selector
    .......... JohnM, Notts, 9th of December 2011

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