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 EA50 VALVE, 1930's

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EA50 VALVE, 1930's

EA50 Diode pre WWII, used in early television as a detector, and general signal rectification.

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  • This valve was used in the British Army AA 3Mk7 radar during the early post WW11 years. A favourite trick played by R.E.M.E. training instructors at Arborfield, during fault finding exercises, was to replace one of these valves, having first cut off the centre pin.
    .......... David Bell, Hatherleigh, Devon, 2nd of February 2013

  • This little diode was used in a probe for VTVMs to rectify high frequency AC without loss in the cable.
    .......... John Rehwinkel, Purcellville, VA USA, 6th of June 2012

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