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EF50 Originally developed by Philips in 1939.
Used in Radar receivers and other equipment.

Mullard Pentode valve of 1939, used in many military Transceivers.

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  • A typo of course but Philips with one L please. One of my childhood memories was these beautiful red cylinders lined up in the TV my father had built from scratch in 1951.
    .......... Bob Smallbone, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, 15th of August 2014

  • I first saw this valve in a Transceiver built for the British forces 2nd.world war vintage called the 19 set. A multi purpose transceiver operating short wave Morse and phone with a UHF. Short range phone transceiver very modern for the time. The 19 set was used mainly for tanks
    .......... Mr. John Gebbie, Lesbury, Alnwick, Northumberland., 19th of April 2013

  • Read an extensive story about the history of this remarkable tube at:
    .......... Ronald Dekker, Holland, 8th of October 2010

  • This was a common surplus valve in the '50's and '60's. It was the subject of an article "The Versatile EF50" in a magazine, probably "Practical Wireless" (UK). I built a TRF receiver based on this valve in the early sixties (aged around 10). The totally metal enclosed construction was very unusual.
    .......... Michael Kemp, S. Marcos da Serra, Portugal, 6th of January 2010

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