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Obviously a field telephone but other than that nothing is known. Judging by the materials used it looks very old possibly pre WW1, the transmitter looks like a Deckert type as shown in GPO training manuals (Telephony Vol 1 Herbert & Procter Page 227) and does not turn as suggested in the comments section. Any more information would be appreciated.

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  • I also have an identical one of these. Perhaps they were some kind of field telephone? Mine came from the BT musuem Auction some years ago. No make or markings anywhere as far as I can see.
    .......... David Edwards, Bath, Somerset, 24th of October 2012

  • I think this is a Very early telephone, which should have an alerting magneto to tell operate the bells at the receiving end.
    The carbon granule speaker mouthpiece had to be rotated as you spoke to keep a supply of carbon granules falling between the diaphragms.
    .......... Brian Howett, Edgmond Shropshire, 22nd of February 2012

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