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MOVIE FILM VIEWER?, circa 1930

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MOVIE FILM VIEWER?, circa 1930

Although not proven, it appears to be a means of viewing film of a width of 28mm on a metal slide with 3 apertures of (12.5mm marked 1/2), (10mm marked point one), (and 20mm marked with the figure 2). The word centimetres are also present. The viewer enables individual frames to be inspected, illuminated by a bulb powered by an internal battery, and a lever switch on the front (not shown). Made by J.R.Gill 61 Cheapside London E.C. Originally a Mystery Object.

The unanswered question, why is the illumination above the film, with none below, unless there is something missing. Below the slide is a hole into the battery compartment.

Bruce Hammond Dated this to be 1910, this seems a little early.

Your comments:

  • I'd agree that this is definitely a magic lantern, or early slide projector. Add a slide to the slide holder, switch on the lamp and try it!
    .......... Dave Walker, Stanford in the Vale, UK, 4th of October 2016

  • I found this www.abc.net.au/tv/collectors/showandtell/archive/s1753326.htm which several persons identified as a type of slide viewer; more specifically "magic lantern slides". Rather than 'J.R.Gill 81 Cheapside' on the plate, this item has 'J.R.Gill 61 Cheapside'. There is a Patent number of 1025/10.

    I believe it is the same forum already mentioned where one poster suggested it was used for "measuring the number of threads in the weave of cloth".

    J.R. Gill has a similar viewer listed on this auction site: www.liveauctioneers.com/item/40216839_35mm-movie-viewer-by-jr-gill
    .......... John Repischak, Tampa, Florida, USA, 15th of September 2015

  • I saw this Item on another forum.
    "I understand it was for measuring the number of threads in the weave of cloth."
    .......... Ray, Exeter, 20th of March 2009

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