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Panasonic mobile phone used in the late 1990's.

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  • This was the first mobile phone I had which was for work back in 1991 - also had an in car kit for it!! I was about 23 at the time and thought I was the bees knees with it! lol!
    .......... Simon Smith, skipton, 27th of July 2016

  • As a freelance photographer in Washington DC this phone made me SO much money. It was HUGE (it took up the camera bag space of a large lens) but it always found a signal. It cost $1 per minute to run, incoming or outgoing and cost (if memory serves) $600, or about $1000 in 2013 terms.
    .......... Jim, Omaha, 29th of March 2014

  • I remember using this phone while I was on my elementary days back in 1997. My mom gave this to me as a present for being good at school. I remember that this has good signal coverage and longer life. I used to put a pencil top on it antennae. Nostalgic
    .......... Kristylein, Lanao del Norte, Philippines, 17th of June 2013

  • I have got one in my collection my first cellular phone in 1993 very powerful signal phone.
    .......... amir khan, lahore.pakistan, 20th of November 2011

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