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Originally a Bell Set No1 later converted to a No 41 in 1985.
Designed to be used with pillar phones or the series 200 types.

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  • This Bell Set had a second life "while stocks last", for use with a flashing light attached to bakelite telephones instead of, or as well as, a bell. The relay contact switched on a 20 volt circuit for the lamp. I am using one to flash a 4.5 volt torch light. The relay can also prevent it's own bell from tinkling when there is pulse dialling. Also it can switch a ringing converter to ring extra bells. So never rip out the insides if your obtain one.
    .......... Terence Wright, Crediton Devon UK, 11th of October 2017

  • The Bellset No 41 was introduced in 1946 for use with the newly introduced Telephone 310 - a telephone with 'Call Exchange' button for use on 'Shared Service Separate Metering' party line telephone. The 'slow to operate' relay was required to prevent 'bell tinkle' when the other party was dialling. However the small 'Thermistor 1A' became available before too long making the separate bell set unnecessary as the thermistor could be fitted inside the telephone. Thus the Telephones No 310 in stock were converted to Telephone No 312's with the thermistor inside. That left stocks of Bellsets No 41 which is why they are common whilst the Tele 310 is quite rare. There never was a 'Bellset No 1A' - there was the Bellset No 1 used with the 'candlestick' Telephone No 150 and its replacement the Bakelite Tele 162; There was a 'Bell No 1A' in a wooden box but that was purely for use as an extension bell.
    .......... Ian Jolly, Mold, N.Wales, 4th of August 2012

  • These bell on this unit are the best sounding bell ever produced by the GPO, I have one as a doorbell powered by a old ringer converter
    .......... C H Hughes, Bicester Oxon UK, 5th of December 2010

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