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Standard GPO style 706, wall mounted version, Type 711, with numbered dial bezel.

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  • The early 700 type wall phones were the standard Tele 706 but with the dial (and its out lettered/numbered ring) reversed and a bracket for the handset to rest on. It was designated the 'Telephone 1/706' but the Tele 711 and later the Tele 741 (wall version of the Tele 740/746). I remember seeing the first Tele 706 in the Chester Telephone Area being unwrapped in the Fitters Room at Chester in late 1959 when I was an apprentice engineer.
    .......... Ian J, North Wales, 18th of December 2015

  • Interestingly we did not have this type of wall phone in NZ. We simply mounted the normal table model 706 on the wall with a bracket at bottom to hold the handset. The dial was also turned around 180 degrees. Same was done with the later 746 type though a different bracket was used.
    .......... Arthur Williams, Invercargill, NZ. (Awarua Radio Communications Museum), 26th of June 2013

  • GPO wall mount phones were numbered in the "odd number" series, desksets in the "even series".

    Thus a 706 desk set, utilising the same chassis as it but for wall mounting becomes a "711".

    The same application applies to a 746 desk set, which was 741 in it's wall mounted incarnation.
    .......... Scot Fergie, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 17th of March 2011

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