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GEC TELEPHONE No 706, 1970's

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GEC TELEPHONE No 706, 1970's

The 706 telephone preceded the 746 type. It had hand wiring inside with only one small PCB that plugged into the base, the body was made of injection moulded strong plastic.
This model replaced the 300 series Bakelite telephones of the 1940's.

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  • I joined the GPO telecoms ( as they were in those days)in the late 60's. The tele 706 was the new workhorse of the GPO. As I found out later, it was much easier to work on than its predecessors. Faulty dials could be replaced in minutes and the general connections were easy to work with as the line cord and receiver both used spade terminals.
    A change of case allowed it to be transformed into a unit with external push switches for extension use, shared service, intercom use etc.
    A very pleasing and versatile instrument that was available in various colours and also available for wall mounting.

    .......... Les Westley, Dover, Kent. UK, 7th of October 2015

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