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A 2 X Valve Amplifier for Bakelite Telephones this was still being used in the 1960's, thus enabling 'Hands Free' conversation.

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  • Additionally, the little white lever above the pad on which the receiver earpiece rests was adjusted left or right to give the best sound.
    .......... TW, , 3rd of January 2016

  • I had one of these and used it well into the 1980s. Worked with the standard 300 series and earlier 200 series handset (the ones with the with the beak mouthpiece) and was definitely usable, though it was prone to temporary feedback howl if the receiver was placed into it roughly. Had volume knob on side, and took large 6volt(?) battery. The sound was a little hollow, but it worked!
    .......... Tony Williams, Nerang/Goldcoast/ Australia, 2nd of September 2015

  • My FATHER,Mr. J.P.C Chapman BOUGHT THIS COMPANY off A Mr. Branson IN THE 1950S. Based IN Vivien Road Harbourne. Birmingham. Sold IT IN THE LATE 1970's.He was awarded 2 royal warrants. When trim phones came in a different design in plastic was made.
    mARK cHAPMAN. 01243 573926.
    .......... MARK CHAPMAN, CHICHESTER, 8th of January 2013

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