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WALL TELEPHONE No 311, 1930's

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WALL TELEPHONE No 311, 1930's

Wall Telephone for use with internal systems around the 1930's probably supplied by the GPO.
Manufacturer unknown.

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  • Definitely not a GPO telephone. The only wall telephone of this style was the Telephone 311 which was a 'shared service - separate metering' (party line)telephone introduced in 1950 (not 1930's!). It was fitted with a button and a 'Call Exchange' label beneath. It was the wall version of the Tele 310/Bellset 41 combination. A 3000 type relay to prevent 'bell tinkle' when other party was dialling was fitted inside the telephone.
    .......... Ian J, North Wales, 18th of December 2015

  • This telephone was not used by the PMG in Australia
    .......... Jack Ryan, Adelaide, Australia, 14th of January 2014

  • These were common in NZ. There was also a magneto version, and a combined magneto and dial version for use on rural automatic exchanges
    (RAX). These were party lines connected to a small automatic exchange.
    The magneto was used to call subscribers on same party line. A push button on phone, centre tapped to earth via bell coils, would bring up dial tone.
    .......... Arthur Williams, Invercargill, New Zealand., 26th of June 2013

  • I don't think it was "probably supplied by the GPO". This Bakelite wall-set, designed by British Ericsson in the late thirties, never became a rented subscriber's set (except in Australia). It was common in UK, sure, but only for private use, mainly in railway stations. English subscribers had to wait until "plastic era" to have wall-sets at home again, as in the old "wood era".
    .......... Thierry Deplanche, Paris, France, 16th of June 2011

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