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Used by butlers & secretaries to transfer one telephone line to two extensions. Also used for home extensions.

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  • The GPO offered a number of extension plans for subscriber's, most of which did not allow intercommunication between the telephones themselves. This is where this most interesting piece of kit comes in. It allows calling and speaking between main and extension. The writing around the rotary 4 way switch is self explanatory. I was fortunate, a few years back to pick one up at a flea-Market for £20. I have teamed it with a type 150 Pillar/Candlestick telephone. I have connected it to the exchange line and the extension is next door as I am elderly and my ex-army neighbour young chap keeps an eye on me. As well as a type 706 telephone he has a separate magneto generator and to contact each other we turn our handles. Current is a 6 volt lantern battery that has been going for years. Great fun to use and serves a vital purpose too!
    .......... Toby Madrigal, Winter, Derbyshire, UK., 17th of September 2012

  • This together with the main and extension telephones was known as a Plan
    7. I installed many of them as a Y2YC in 1943/4/5.
    .......... Dick Best, Sigatoka, FIJI (now, but the above was in Bristol area), 11th of July 2011

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