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GPO TELEPHONE  706, 1960's

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GPO TELEPHONE 706, 1960's

Supplied by Advance Telephones.
Standard GPO Style 706. Introduced in 1959.

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  • The 700 series had taken hold quite strongly when I joined the GPO Telephones in the late 60s. They were well made and easy to work on. I preferred the 746 series when they made an appearance as the case had a handhold area at the rear which made it easier to pick up. It also had a single screw at the rear to easily remove the case whereas the 706 series had two fixing screws on the top where the handset rested. One extra screw made a difference when you were removing many cases on a job.
    .......... Les Westley, Dover, Kent. UK, 15th of September 2013

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