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These units were designed to help Telephone Operators with the fatigue caused by continuous dialling.Invented by Donald Macadie. Patent June 14, 1932

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  • I have a MACADIE KEY sender and have been trying to find its identity for some time and at last have found its name, as there is no ID. on th unit.

    .......... Ken Feaver RTD BT.Sales office manager , Doddinhurst Brentwood Essex, 20th of August 2017

  • Donald Macadie MBE, was my Grandfather. It was his wife, Margaret, who named the Avo after being told the meter measured Amps, Volts and Ohms.
    When the bird, the Avocet, arrived in Britain, the company formed to manufacture Avometers sponsored it's protection and used the bird for it's crest, partly, because that was the original pronunciation of Avo.

    My father Hugh Sutherland Macadie took out several Patents for modifications to the Avometer.

    Donald received the MBE on 25th Feb 1932 for his work on a Post Office Sorting Machine.
    .......... Margaret Hughes nee Macadie, Kirkcudbright Scotland, 2nd of September 2013

  • Macadie Key Sender, not Macready. British Post Office engineer, Donald Macadie also invented the Avometer multimeter
    .......... Owain, Stirling Scotland, 11th of April 2012

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