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The first British phone of this design using the new material (Bakelite) Siemans Brothers called the new handset the Neophone. Introduced in 1929.
General Electric GEC called it the Gecophone. This could replace the tele 150 in almost all applications as it also required a bellset, however the GEC version could have an internal bell.
The old candle stick design was still provided, as the 162F transmitter was not suitable for central battery use.

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  • I saw this phone in a country antique store over 20 years ago, bought it, and paired with Bellset No.1 that I found in a junk shop.

    Since then it has been my phone at home.

    Apart from its retro good looks, I liked the fact that I could hear this phone ring from anywhere in the house, and outside! (Unlike the modern landline phones available at the time!)

    Today,in this age of mobile telephony, the only reason I still subscribe to a landline service is because of this phone.
    .......... Joe Gallo, Melbourne Australia, 9th of December 2013

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