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Follow up to the 162F almost identical but made using different moulds, Used from 1929 to 1959, also it provided an anti side tone coil which reduced the level of the users voice in the earpiece prompting them to speak up.
Also provided in Chinese Red and Ivory, or they could be painted provided the subscriber paid the cost of restoring them back to black.
This unit also requires an external bell set.

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  • My wife recently purchased this model of telephone from a 'charity shop' on a day out into town. It is a 'copy' of the GPO 232 that was manufactured in Bangalore, India (232L) that had been damaged and has been badly repaired. Someone has made an attempt at converting it for use and made a bit of a hash of it. I have it on the bench in the workshop undergoing refurbishment. I will be replacing the rather horrid plastic modern cable with some proper material covered cable left over from another telephone restoration project and converting it for use properly. It will be so nice to have a proper comfortable handset once again. Last time I used one of these was back in the 1970s way before all the newfangled mobile stuff we have now. In my view modern devices are OK but the good old 232 is a proper telephone!
    .......... Mr P.Scott, Rankinston, Ayr, Scotland, 4th of September 2013

  • They were also available in green, I currently have a mark 1 dating from the 1930's in bright green, not painted.
    .......... Andrew Millea, Emsworth, 28th of March 2010

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