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Type of instrument commonly used by the railways.

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  • The red button belongs on "special" and was used to contact railway control by reversing the signal polarity and triggering a polarised relay on their phone. The black button was used for ordinary omnibus circuit control by means of signalling a location code given for each site in morse alphabet. E.g. Annesley Midland - short short long short.
    .......... max, Nottingham, 8th of May 2011

  • I believe these were largely used by the LNER or BR Eastern Region. I am restoring one at the moment which was purchased in a dreadful state. As a former signalman I remember seeing them on the Lincoln line (e.g. Fiskerton Jcn), which, although ostensibly Midland Railway, was maintained for a long time by BR(ER) and which had numerous BR(ER)/LNER equipment installed. The Midland are phones were also of GEC manufacture but didn't have a brass front plate, just buttons.
    .......... Max, Nottingham, 8th of May 2011

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