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Manual switchboard used in offices between the Wars and after.
Diagram for this unit is N935. (Called 'N' diagrams by the GPO) Possibly dated May 1959

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  • I worked with the Rhodesian Post Office from 1968 to 1977 in the Telecom workshop in Bulawayo. One my jobs involved stripping down switchboards like the 2(exchange lines)+4(extensions) in the picture. The largest was the 4+12. We had to take out all the indicators, keys, generator and all the devices in the speech circuit. The wooden case was scraped to remove all the old varnish before being resprayed and the keys were removed from their mounting plates before being resprayed black. After assembly the switchboard was fully tested as invariably one or two of the soldered joints on the wiring loom had broken. Really good memories.
    .......... Tony Weeks, Crayford, UK, 27th of July 2013

  • this takes me back to my childhood in the 50s, in Wolverhampton. My grandfather was a GP and had his own practise, I remember playing with it, rather naughty !. I visited the old rambling house where my family lived to see an old aunt and asked where it was, Apparently it is now in a museum somewhere. I really wanted to have it myself as it was part of my childhood memories.
    .......... dianne goldie, caterham, surrey, 14th of November 2012

  • I used this telephone when I was 16 I am now 42 and I was trying to explain to my husband that I used a really old switchboard it took us a while to find it. I used it at a company called Thurlow Blinds in Albion my bosses were brothers and were in there 70 and 80's.
    .......... Lisa Maki-Neste, Brisbane, 17th of August 2012

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