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Key known as a 'speed' key, the familiar shape had nothing to do with increasing the operator speed, just a selling point.

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  • I acquired two keys, like this one, in the early 1950s while still at school. One is mounted on a base similar to that in the illustration. They were widely available at the time as war surplus. I have always found them to be very comfortable to use, as there is a slight degree of springiness in the action, unlike the heavier brass keys. I too am a radio amateur, licensed as G3DPM, but I have not been active for some time.
    .......... Derek Cooknell, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, 29th of December 2017

  • This the famous J-37 US-army key from WW2. Produced in different factories I think. I own several of these keys. Also J-45 is for leg mounting in tight spaces like armored cars. I use it for QRP work when /portable. By the way my call is ON4TB and my favourite mode as you can guess is telegraphy or cw as we hams call it.
    .......... Theo Blaivie - ON4TB, Antwerp - Belgium, 28th of October 2011

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