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Petrol 4 X stroke generator 24 Volts 300Watts.
The unit was supplied to the Civil Defence depot at New Malden. Model CH1-353-5

Donated by Mr & Mrs Appleton

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  • I have one of these examples which I exhibit with my stationary engine club. It was made by the OUTBOARD MARINE AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY in 1943 more widely known for their range of Johnson outboard motors. These units were also made under license by BSA and many examples still exist.
    .......... Dean Waters, Paddock Wood UK, 4th of October 2016

  • The only thing that marks this particular item out as being used by the Civil Defence Corps might be the rather odd (silenced?) exhaust arrangement.

    Otherwise it looks like the standard "Chorehorse" used widely by the British Army to power up radio batteries for the Larkspur series of radio transceivers. Most of these set (in the power range 10 - 100W output) ran from a couple of hefty 12V lead-acid batteries in series, and this was the charger issued to units in the field.

    It replaced an earlier version putting out 12V DC at 300W, which were used with the previous generation of sets, like the WS19, WS62, and early C12.

    Having used these things myself in the field, I can see why you might want a silencer. They are horribly noisy, and I always put the thing in a ditch (if possible) with as long a lead as possible so we could get some peace and quiet!
    .......... Richard Hankins, Ross-on-Wye, 8th of June 2011

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