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Ideal in noisy situations such as aircraft.
Can be a little distorted but still audible.

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  • At RAF Odiham we used them on helicopters after re-wiring to change impedance.
    .......... David Lloyd, United Kingdom Petersfield Hants, 11th of May 2016

  • Refurbished a 38 set in the 1960s and asked my sister to use the throat mikes.
    She became extremely upset and I had to urgently remove them.
    There was a trial telephone handset by the GPO called a Laryngnaphone using a throat mike. Not proceeded with but the circuit diagrams and line drawings exist online.
    .......... T Wright, Crediton devon, 20th of November 2015

  • I was told that the Royal Navy stopped using these in the 1960s as it was considered they led to users developing throat cancer.
    .......... Stephen L pearson, Gosport, England, 16th of March 2012

  • The item's ZA reference means it was for army use and would be used in tanks...probably with the 19set, which operated with carbon microphones,

    .......... Laurie Booth, Emsworth, Hampshire. U.K, 25th of June 2011

  • Quite regularly seen in use with the WS No. 38.
    .......... Rob van Meel, The Netherlands, 25th of February 2011

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