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British No.1 Mk III* Lee-Enfield Rifle, SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) or short rifle with magazine.
Adopted by the British Military on January 26, 1907.
Adapted from an original design by James Paris Lee and the Royal Arms Factory at Enfield, England.
Mk III refers to the third incarnation of the No.1 rifle. The number 1 apparently not used until 1926.
This rifle was also manufactured in England, Australia and India. The Mk III was used in both WWI and WW2.
Probably one of the fastest cycling bolt action rifles made for military use. The rifle pictured was manufactured at Enfield in 1918, in England

Your comments:

  • The "No.1" designation was not applied until 1926 when all rifle types in British service were designated by numbers.
    .......... Andy Jackson, Warlingham, Englans, 23rd of March 2023

  • When I was 16 I went to a RAF shooting range with the air cadets, the 303 was about to be taken out of use and I was one of a few that were aloud to fire a few rounds. I was told by the officer in charge that I had qualified for marksman but would not be awarded it as I was under 18 and shouldn't really be allowed to fire the wonderful rifle, I remember the kick from the recoil very well and the bruises the other lads got from not holding it tight enough.
    .......... Paul Amphlett, United Kingdom, 4th of July 2013

  • I got my crossed rifles Marksman on this rifle. I have fired over a thousand rounds, not all the same day. The recoil from this weapon is mighty, it is also a very accurate rifle, some were fitted with a scope. I fired one on the range at Tank Hill, Purfleet ranges, the distance was the range maximum 1000yds without scope and with controlled breathing I managed to score several bulls. I have fired several types of later weapon, but still have a fondness for the Enfield.
    .......... Terry Seal, Gedney Hill Spalding, 3rd of September 2010

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