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There is a hole in the bottom of the unit, where the explosive ware removed, the drouges (wings) were never actually used on this version. It seems to have been made up from odds, as the cylinder is a screw type.
The fuse fitting was a Bayonet type, designated as a SD2B.
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  • This is the SD2A butterfly bomb body which houses the zeit 41 air burst impact fuse.
    It is a screw threaded fuse and has the experimental cut down drouges for dropping on to allied bombers.
    It didn't get used in anger due to the wings being unable to arm the fuse fully.

    It is incorrect as the screw type bomb charge and the zeit 41 were only used on full drouge versions i.e. SD2A.

    For it to have been period correct it should have the SD2B Bayonet fitting type body and the zeit 41A bayonet type fuse which came in a bit later 1942/43.
    .......... phil cruse. collector and restorer of German Air dropped Ordnance, , 13th of March 2010

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