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A Shell Carrier used during WW1 for the transportation of large shells (15cm), horses were used to carry these, sometimes as many as four on either side of it.

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  • I have never seen this basket on mules/horses. Please sent me a photo. I do know the Canadians (of the 20th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery) that have 2 * 4 = 8 "15 pounder cartridges" hanging at the saddle. This is because the limber could not reach the gun on the battlefield of the West Front due to impassable terrain, caused by mutual shelling.
    .......... Koos Rauws, Nederland, 6th of April 2014

  • This is a German shell basket. For carrying 15 cm shells and it protects the copper driving ring and fuse. The shell is upside down in the basket, resting on a "auflegeklotz" at the bottom of the basket. The model with windows as handles you can already find in 1902 for the s.F.H. 1902. It is used still in the 2nd WW. I have a power point/pdf made for an exhibition April - May 2014 "Basket carriers and shell basket makers.
    .......... Koos Rauws, Nederland, 6th of April 2014

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