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Also known as a Marconiphone Model 264, part of the "Jubilee" range. It has 5 valves including the rectifier; it is a Super-Heterodyne circuit 2-band table receiver and runs on AC Mains 200-250 volts with a moving coil loudspeaker, magnetic field created by an electro dynamic coil. HMV also produced models 444 a console and the 541 radiogram. Whereas Marconiphone produced models 297 console and 287 a radiogram. The valves used in all identical chassis were:- MX40 - VMS4 - MHD4 - MPT4 and MU12. The cost of the HMV 441A in 1935 was 13

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  • The "Marconiphone company Ltd.," and "The Gramophone Company Ltd.," (Trading as "HIS Master's Voice"), merged along with the British arm of the "Columbia Graphophone company Ltd.," in 1931 to form the "Electric and Musical Industries (Ltd)" Better known as :- "EMI". So any equipment made after this date was simply a product of 'EMI' and made by "The Gramophone Company Ltd., Hayes Middlesex". And 'Badged' and 'Boxed' accordingly.
    .......... John Shorten, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK., 10th of May 2018

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