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A selection of loudspeaker horns from the 1920's and a Bakelite Philips Loudspeaker from the 1930's.

A BTH Tpe C2 1925
An Amplion 'Standard Dragon' AR19 1923
A Telephones Le Las Horn 1920's
A Philips Lamps Ltd Bakelite Loudspeaker surround Model 2007 1928
The horns would replace headphones on early valve receivers before loudspeakers had been perfected, or even manufactured, and were simply connected directly to the audio amplifier valve in the receiver. They were normally high resistance and therefore very sensitive. The connection from the audio amplifier valve would carry high voltages; (not liked by today's health and safety regulations!)

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  • I have the BTH C3 (left) and a pair of Amplion 'dragon' speakers (next to the BTH). Beautiful speakers with a less than beautiful sound! Who cares when they look so good on an early 1920's wireless. The one on the right is a slightly later early cone speaker; the 'grandfather' of the modern permanent magnet units of today. I have about three of these early balanced armature speakers, two are BTH and the other a German Blaupunk (Blue Spot in the UK)
    .......... David Mills, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales, UK, 28th of November 2009

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