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The Marconiphone 256 Superhet had seven valves including rectifier, one valve is used as a separate oscillator. Various other models used the same chassis, namely the 258 radiogram, Columbia 356 table model and 631 autoradiogram, and the HMV Superhet "Lowboy seven" console, 523 radiogram and 524 (non AVC) autoradiogram. The valves used are:- VMS4 - MH4 - MS4 - VMS4 - MH4 - PX4 and U12. Designed to operate on 200-250 V, AC mains. The cost in 1932 was 25.4s

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • The same model was available as a radiogram Model 258. Weighing a mere 175 pounds when packed, or 150 as delivered, came with the fully automatic turntable, (Marconiphone No 15), which played a stack of eight 78rpm records of 10 or 12 inch size, at one sitting for up-to half an hour of continuous music. The radio is still very sensitive after only 77 years and all capacitors and three resistors changed!
    .......... David Lascelles, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom, 18th of October 2009

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