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MURPHY A122M, 1949

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MURPHY A122M, 1949

Made in 1949 with 5-valves including the rectifier, a three band Superhet, short, Long and Medium wave. Mains only operation, and requiring an external Aerial and Earth connection. Switch-able tone control and four separate glass scales with cursor, one for each band, individually illuminated when chosen. Sockets at the rear are provided for a gramophone pick up and an extension loudspeaker. The valves used are:- TH41 - VP41 - HL41DD - PEN45 and UU6. In January 1949 the Murphy A122M cost 22.00 Purchase Tax extra.

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  • This radio was designed by Eden Minns (who, along with R. D. Russell, was responsible for many of Murphy's strikingly modern cabinet designs). The A122 was one of the 'baffle' series - intended to combine pleasing styling with good acoustic properties. It has a four-valve circuit covering long, medium and short wavebands.
    .......... Nigel Tomlinson, Leyland, Lancs, 8th of January 2016

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