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Made during WW2 and tuned to German local frequencies only. Known as 'Die Goebbelsschnauze' ( The Goebbels Gob ) This is the Deutscher Kleinempfänger DKE38 made by G. Schaub in Germany around 1938. It is has 1 valve (plus rectifier) and is a mains TRF receiver housed in a brown bakelite cabinet.

Deutscher Kleinempfänger means 'German small receiver', and the DKE38 is a low cost peoples-set designed for mass production and intended to be introduced into as many German homes as possible, very much like the utility sets that were in UK homes during the Second World War. It was intended for the communication of German propaganda and was manufactured by a number of manufacturers. Like the utility sets,
its design is simple and whilst it would have been adequate for receiving strong local stations, it would have required a good aerial. Many of the parts used in this set are marked with the German eagle.

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