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Large early portable receiver, made in 1929, with four valves and space for HT Battery and LT accumulator.Required a good aerial and earth, a hand written list inside the front doors gives all the control settings for various stations. Tuning was accomplished by plain amplification T.R.F. (Tuned Radio Frequency). In 1929 it cost 33.12s.0d. On the inside back panel is a meter to indicate the charge state of the accumulator. Also available as a suit case portable, and a mains version.

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  • We had a simular model in A better mahogany cabinet. It had an internal frame aeriai which could point at a station's transmitter, with two tuning knobs setting frequency (factory calibration) Fiddly, I made one in 1940s for a friend.
    .......... Arthur Boyd-Barton, Rayleigh UK, 19th of November 2009

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