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The Marconiphone P20B is housed a small jewellery type case with a sprung held lid and with an internal aerial. It used miniature parts throughout and is powered from a HT and LT battery combined in one unit. The valves used are:- X17 - W17 - ZD17 and N17.In December 1948 the P20B cost 11.19s. 6d, plus Purchase Tax.

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  • Dear sir,

    In my collection I have the same radio, but it has the name Columbia
    only inside on the lid. It still is in a beautiful condition and I
    bought it with the original leather case in our country, but it does not play any more.
    Inside the back lid it has the same description and licence as in the P20b from Marconiphone, but the model number is not P20B, but P20BX. Inside on the front lid there is beside the name Columbia, also the description trade mark, made in England. Was this type of radio probably from 1948, built as well in the UK under the name Columbia? Because Marconiphone is a Canadian brand.
    Serial number 25270 tubes X17, W17,ZD17 and N17.
    In the Year 1955 I bought this radio for the first time in a small local radio shop from my first money, when I was a boy of 14 Years old, and I took it with me to the swimming pool.How proud I was, nobody had such a thing.
    A few Years later I changed it with a friend, for a small Philips transistor radio. I really regretted that later on, but miracles still happen,I found my old Columbia radio many Years later back in a museum, in a small place called Borculo near Emmen in the north of our country. But what a pity it was in a very poor condition.
    Tubes and battery plate were missing and I could still see my small initials on the chassis. I had the possibility there to open it and
    a lot of visitors I think did the same, because it was dirty and
    scratched all over. A few Years ago I bought this radio, (again a
    Columbia) for the second time, still in a beautiful condition and you can imagine I will never change or sell that for the second time.
    I hope You can do something with my short story of this Columbia
    radio or is it a Marconiphone.

    Kind regards,

    Willem van Egdom Den Dolder Netherlands

    P.S, This radio is also recommended by Ernst Erb from Switzerland, moderator of www.radiomuseum.org.
    .......... W.M.E. van Egdom, Den Dolder Zeist Netherlands, 25th of August 2011

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