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Model CN430 "Lady Anne" used a new range of low power valves had 2-bands MW and LW and was housed in a small wooden box with a hinged lid. It could be powered from AC mains or a small combined "All Dry" HT and LT battery. The valves were:- DK96 - DF96 - DAF96 and DL96.
The "My Lady" range of wireless sets became very popular in the 50's, they came in different colours and were very much in demand by the teenagers of the day. The cost in January 1955 was 14.14s.2d PT Extra

Donated by Kenneth Thompson

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  • similar to the My Lady Margaret I purchased one of these of e-bay for 10 I think they were dearer to buy originally but with a little TLC it is now in full working order. the advantage of these sets they will work on 240v mains or battery and as the original batteries are no longer available as with the lady Margaret I made my own battery sets so it now works as when it was first manufactured in the 1950,s. I just wish things were as simple today as they were then
    .......... Mr Alan Thomas, Willenhall West Midlands England United Kingdom, 14th of August 2010

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