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MAGNET, 1960's

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MAGNET, 1960's

Could have been used in experiments on Magnetrons.

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  • Had one of these in the physics lab store room in college. If you rigged a piece of aluminium sheet (3x5")to swing from a hole in the corner it would swing back and fourth. If then tried to make it swing through the gap between these horns it would pretty much stop cold. Nothing like seeing a piece of moving metal suddenly stop with nothing touching it.
    .......... David Peterson, Bronson, Iowa USA, 15th of December 2012

  • I remember playing with one of these at school in 1963 (Aged 10) The teacher (Mr Allen) who was something of an expert in electronics said that it was from a magnetron. It was amazingly powerful!
    .......... Malcolm J Bannister, Washington, Tyne and Wear, 26th of August 2010

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