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TANDY 160 IN ONE, 1980's

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TANDY 160 IN ONE, 1980's

Hobby kit for children and adults to learn electronics. A popular pastime from the 1900's to the 1980's. A version of this equipment can still be found today, and is still used as a teaching aid.

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  • I had one of these for Christmas and spent hours and hours in front of it. It had three transistors, and an INTEGRATED CIRCUIT that had like three more in one small device! Super cool. I mostly remember making simple radio transmitters and receivers with it and listening to the output on an old green plastic clock radio. I liked the sound of the signal from a spark gap transmitter, but didn't do it much as it warned that it would erode the points in the relay (It used the open terminals as a spark gap). I don't think I was the suggested minimum age of 10.
    .......... David Peterson, Bronson, Iowa USA, 15th of December 2012

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