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Usually found in Garages or Cycle shops for charging Wireless Accumulators. Supplying 20 Volts, it can charge 10 X Accumulators at one time. Davenset Chargers are still made today.
All the museum trutees can remember their parents taking an Accumulator to be re-charged.

Your comments:

  • Got one of these in my garage - up on the wall and still working and in use. Had a hard life - so doesn't look very smart. Great to watch the mercury arc rectifier fire up! Also the original instructions though the varnish has gone off unfortunately, though still readable.
    .......... Jim Butterworth, Minehead, 25th of April 2014

  • Got one of these stored in roof of the garage, been in family from new, purchase cost in 1926 was then 21 guineas! Have the hand book also, don't think it would be working now not been used for years.
    .......... A.Madison, Doncaster, 22nd of November 2012

  • I have a charger just like this one My grand father
    owned a garage in the late 20s we
    had the garage in the family for 82 years
    And I know grand dad
    and Dad did use the charger up till the late 1970
    .......... Geoff Parker, Burton Hastings. England, 3rd of September 2012

  • My uncle who ran the local garage had one of these to charge car batteries for many years. When he retired it was thrown out in the scrap heap and has rotted away I have the remains of it and wonder if anyone would like the parts, rectifier sockets, switches, plugs, rheostats etc. All in poor condition, never the less repairable, I think!
    .......... Ken McAllister, Malahide, Co.Dublin, Ireland., 9th of May 2010

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