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Used in the Fairy Swordfish Aircraft, they were also fitted in the Sunderland Flying Boat and other aircraft between the two world wars. Its companion was the T1115 transmitter.

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  • You state companion transmitter would be R1155,the R1155 is a receiver which was fitted to Lancaster bombers and others,the T1154 was the companion transmitter to the R1155. Whether the T1155 was the companion transmitter for the R1116a I don't know.There was a similar looking transmitter to the T1155 which was somewhat earlier which may be the companion to the R1116a
    .......... John Spendlove (G4DXY), Denby Village Ripley.Derbyshire.England, 24th of September 2012

  • As a short wave listener around 1960, this was the first 'real' communication receiver I had ever used. I still remember the musical bell-like sounds from the filaments as they warmed up and expanded with twanging effect in the headphones. (They were directly heated from a 2 volt accumulator. Alas, it conked out and I didn't have the technical know-how at the time to fix it. It belonged to my friend, and I think his dad gave it to the scrap man.
    .......... Peter Beardsmore G4IXY, St Albans, 8th of July 2011

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