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A small Television screen magnifier, this one is tinted pink. It was filled with liquid and strapped onto the television to magnify the size of the picture, this would cause some distortion.

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  • Our first TV in the early 1950s was a console model, which meant that the cabinet stood on the floor, but it only had a 9 inch screen. With an oil-filled magnifier hung on the front it was boosted to 12 inches. Great, but the drawback was that, if you sat to one side, the picture was distorted. Nevertheless, we watched the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth on it.
    .......... Alan Turner, Camberley, Surrey, UK, 27th of August 2014

  • I believe these were to convert a 12" screen to look like a 14".
    My father told me he thought they were filled with liquid paraffin. They were very heavy and the straps were slung under the protruding tube neck cover at on the rear cover grille.
    .......... David Mills, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales, UK, 28th of November 2009

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