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Small Television screen magnifier. This was filled with liquid and strapped onto the television to magnify the size of the picture, it did however create some distortion. Many visitors to the museum remember using one of these.

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  • My parents had a 1948/9 Pye D18T console 9in TV set with a magnifier fiited, very similar to the one illustrated. This enlarged the picture image to around 12in. It was filled with a liquid, possibly oil, which gave the black & white TV picture an odd hue and it distorted the picture from some angles.

    The set was in use in West London in the early 1950s.
    .......... Paul Latham, Ilkley, Yorkshire, 12th of January 2017

  • I was informed by a gentleman that repaired vintage tv's that the magnifier screen was filled with oil.
    .......... George Chan, Marlboro, MA USA, 27th of March 2013

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