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Housed in a Bakelite cabinet and using 18 Mullard valves with a 9-inch CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) this set was designed to operate from AC mains. The TV12B was the Birmingham equivalent to the 'A' which was for London only. The only difference being the tuners, which were interchangeable. An autoradiogram version was available with a 12-inch tube known as Model TRG12A. Magnifiers could be purchased that were filled with liquid and strapped to the front to magnify the size. In April 1949 the TV12 cost 41.3s.1d PT extra.

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  • it is a bush TV 12
    the tv 22 had a different tube mask but otherwise looked identical
    the bush tv 11 was the wooden cased model but identical to a tv 12 electrically
    I have a bush tv 11 , 12 and 22 here , all restored and working
    .......... Peter Sanders, orpington kent, 5th of August 2017

  • This set has the squarer shaped picture mask we would expect to only see on the TV12.
    .......... Stephen Ostler, Sedgeberrow, England, 5th of August 2017

  • the illustrated tv is actually a TV22 Look at the back that will have the model no. on it. Mabe a TV22a Not possible to tell from the front. The TV12 was a 12" version in a wooden cabinet
    .......... Roy Kershaw, Lytham St. Annes Lancashire, 21st of August 2015

  • This could be fitted with a Band III converter in 1957 to receive ITV which started transmission in 1956.
    .......... Raymond Denton, Halifax (originaly) now Stockport, 25th of November 2012

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