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This calculator uses 10-digit "Nixie"-type tube display, and memory, In 1970 it cost 431. With Square root capability. The electronics is similar to that of the Anita 1011. It uses mainly transistors, but also has integrated circuits made by Marconi-Elliott Microelectronics using "MOST" (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Transistor) technology. These machines were marketed by Sumlock-Comptomter in the UK.

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • I remember attending an office equipment fair in London when these machines were brand new and big news.

    The sales rep of Sumlock was explaining the features of the machine and a young lady was doing the demo, the salesman kept saying that Anita will now perform this function, or Anita will calculate this sum.
    We were so amazed that we all thought the young lady using the machine was called Anita!
    .......... Peter Butterfield, Halifax, 23rd of June 2016

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