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Pocket sized personal computer, supplied by Zengrange Ltd Leeds, England

Donated by Allen Robert

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  • I worked at Zengrange in the early to mid-1980s and worked on I.T. solutions using this device.
    HP had some experience of building programmable calculators, notably the HP41C (which Zengrange sold in a ruggedised form as a portable gun aiming computer). This model had a Basic translator and could be networked using HP's 'Interface Loop' technology (HPIL). I designed, implemented and installed a project for the the public records office of Births, Deaths and Marriages which was at that time located at Somerset House in London. The project was to keep track of important files as they moved around the building. To do this we provided a main database on an HP9000 (Unix) mini-computer connected to a network (HPIL) of the device shown with one in each key location. All documents were barcoded and documents would be scanned in and out of each location. In this manner the organisation would know either where a document was or at least where is was last. The system was in place for a number of years by which time I had moved on. I have fond memories of my time with Zengrange and a super-smart bunch of hardware and software designers. I learned a lot.
    .......... Steve Alderson, Newbury, 10th of May 2018

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