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Kolster Brands FB10, was known as The Toaster Radio, two versions were made AM and FM types, both 5-valves including the rectifier. This version (AM) is a 2-band Superhet using an internal aerial, both powered by AC mains and an auto transformer is used to reduce the problem of heat inside the case. The valves used in the AM model are:- 6BE6 - 6BA6 - 6AT6 - 6V6GT and 6X5GT. In September 1950 it cost 8-17s-1d.

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  • I believe this radio became known as the toaster not only for its looks, but also because it was prone to behave like one - overheating was a problem as it aged.
    .......... N Tomlinson, Leyland, Lancs, 8th of January 2016

  • I remember this radio in the 1950s. Ours was pale green and was kept in the front room. I used to listen to Children's Favourites on a Saturday morning. I once sent a request in for Uncle Mac to play Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis. I used to sit by the radio waiting for it to be played. It never was! Also remember eating Sunday Lunch listening to Billy Cottons Band Show and Family Favourites. Loved that radio!
    .......... Sue Cutts, Keighley West Yorkshire, 21st of May 2015

  • It has only become known as the 'toaster' radio by radio collectors since the 1970s/80s - not before. It was also available in red, and a very light blue, and pale green, and also came in an FM version (FB10C).
    .......... Steve Sidaway, Teddington,Middlesex, 8th of November 2014

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