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WWII WIRELESS SET No18. Mk 3, 1940's

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WWII WIRELESS SET No18. Mk 3, 1940's

A man pack portable set for short range communications, carried by one man and operated by a second. First produced in 1940 by Pye Telecommunications Ltd.

Range with 11 foot rod aerial was over 5 miles using speech; 10 miles using CW (Morse).

The front panels are normally grey, black panels were usually for special operations use.

Your comments:

  • Very Heavy batteries: you needed a "manpack carrier" on your back to carry it! I went up a mountain in Wales with one in my school CCF and ended up on my knees for the last bit. It never worked when I got there. You tuned it with a "zero beat"; a tone that went up and down as you turned the knob. Silence meant you had it on frequency.
    .......... Terence Wright, Crediton UK, 16th of March 2019

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