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Transistorised Record player and radio.

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  • Had one in the mid '60's in Singapore. Used to play it around the pool at RAF Tengah. Vivid memories. Came in a few different colours. I had the Blue as illustrated but I have seen a Red one.
    .......... Terrence Bettesworth, Kewstoke Weston Super Mare North Somerset UK, 4th of October 2016

  • I too had this exact item, a birthday gift from my parents at 7 yrs old. I'd carry as if it were my briefcase, to the corner and spin records for my friends. fond memories and I have no idea what happened to it :(
    .......... ELizabeth Sullivan (AKA Lizzy Dieckman), Cliffwood Beach, NJ, 20th of May 2015

  • I was given this exact model from my Grandparents when I was 5 years old, so that was 1972 (I think I have my dates right.)
    I used it practically all the time until around 1988 before it somehow went missing.
    I have been looking for this model on ebay for years, but to no avail.
    This record player was a Huge part of my childhood and I miss it immensely.
    Just seeing your photo of it gave me great joy.

    .......... Danny Samson, Leicester England United Kingdom, 30th of December 2013

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