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Portable gramophone for 78rpm records, common in the 1940's and 50's.

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  • This is likely dating from the 1930s.
    By the time that the mid 30s came along,amplified record players were more in use,so the accoustic gramophone was less used.
    You could however,purchase an electric pick-up,that replaced the soundbox,and this would be plugged into the PU socket of your wireless.

    .......... Gary K Waters, Blackpool,North West England., 19th of November 2015

  • About 1962 when I was 6 yr's old our neighbour at the time gave me a portable gramophone just like the one in the photo along with some 78's to play on it. I remember playing the 78's over and over again when I was young. My daughter also has fond memories of listening to 78's on the gramophone during the late 1970's/early 1980's. Time passed and after several moves the gramophone and 78's ended up forgotten in a box in the garage loft. Then today, while cleaning out the loft with my grandson, we found the box with the gramophone and 78's in it! The arm of the gramophone was stiff after all those years in the garage but I eventually managed to loosen it up and get it working. My grandson and I just finished listening to Merry Griffin sing "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" and it brought back lots of happy memories.
    .......... Elizabeth Mallabon, Toronto, Ontario Canada, 3rd of September 2011

  • I have one of these, I love it. My family has always had it too. It was broken but lucky it wasn't to hard so I fixed it. I still listen to it today! And I am 17 !
    .......... Arrun Walters, Acton, London, 1st of July 2010

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