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Electric Copper Saucepan

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • I have one of these saucepan's but the older version with the exposed pins but unfortunately no plug. On the underside it has the GEC trade mark and the voltage is stated at 200/10 rated at 300watts. The Pat No:N228779/1911. It looks as if the saucepan has been used because the inside has lost some of it's tinning, but it is in undamaged condition otherwise. Please can anybody tell me why it is 200/10v and where it was made? Thank you.
    .......... Ray Atkins, Cork, Ireland., 15th of May 2015

  • This is the GEC'S "Magnet" Brand saucepan. You should see a little symbol of an electro-magnet on the underside. Your appliance is a later version, witnessed by the shrouded plug pins, probably 1920's. This saucepan was in production for many years but the earliest had un-shrouded pins sticking out from the underside of the saucepan. (As did the "Captain" Kettle also by GEC).
    .......... Dick Saunders, Amberley, England, 6th of February 2012

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