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HOOVER 750, 1930's

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HOOVER 750, 1930's

First Hoover with famous 'beats-as-it-sweeps -as-it-cleans' motor-driven agitator/brush unit, also the first with a polished aluminium body, it replaced the Hoover model 541. It has a switch integral with the black steel handle and an orange triangular badge. Replaced by 1930 Hoover model 725 with snap-action handle and orange motor band. Basis for standard large Hoover upright until 1936 and continuing in modified form up to 1939.

Bruce Hammond Collection

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  • We were still using my fathers one of these into the the 1980's my father had bought it second hand in the 1930's the only difference was it had a black motor and the bag and brushes were replaced in the 1970's if only they were still made to that quality.
    .......... Neil Goodwin, England, 15th of December 2010

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