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The Fidelity player was powered from the mains. Unlike earlier record players this one played 45rpm records, as well as 78rpm with a turn over type cartridge,using a LP stylus and a larger version for 78 records.It can play 4 speeds, 16,33,45,and 78 rpm's.

The case was made from cardboard and cost 12.10s.6d. Mr. T.Cass bought one in 1959 for 2 pounds deposit and 12 monthly payments of 1 Pound,1 Shilling and 6 pence.

Your comments:

  • I am a collector and they sound pretty good they only have one valve amplifier and the circuitry is kept to bare minimal, so its good when your restoring it.
    .......... george fidder, preston lancishire, 4th of August 2012

  • I remember well those grey plastic tone arms possibly BSR or Garrard? When I saw the picture I had an instant recollection of flipping the needle from 45 to 78 and back. The case doubled as the sound box and had a distinct characteristic of it's own which I would describe as almost intimate.
    .......... Zap, Cirencester Glos, 19th of February 2012

  • I once got a similar player (almost identical to this Fidelity)manufactured by Argosy Radio in 1958 when I was 15 as a Christmas present from my parents. I hated it because you couldn't shut the lid to reduce the surface noise generated when playing 78 shellac records. Also the amplifier was abysmally weak in output power, about 1 watt, rendering vinyl EP's so quiet that Rock n' Roll ceased to be what it was supposed to be (loud). The Dansette Junior was the player I really wanted. It was cheaper, looked great, the lid could be shut down with a 78 record and the amplifier was louder at 2.5 watts. My parents didn't listen to my advice on the technical aspects before they bought the Argosy. A poor design with no merits whatsoever. I think this Fidelity would be the same in these respects.
    .......... Ian Russell, Strathaven, Lanarkshire, Scotland, 16th of November 2011

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