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SHARP MZ 100 PC, 1980's

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SHARP MZ 100 PC, 1980's

An early example of a Personal Computer. It used a domestic television as a display. The program was supplied on a cassette tape run on an internal tape player.

Donated by Geoff Robinson

Your comments:

  • I was actually given this computer, brand new and in its box, by a toy
    retailer client of mine who told me they were impossible to sell. Why ?
    Because you had to load BASIC from a cassette before it could be used
    for anything. Given that you then had to load your application software
    from cassette, the time it took was unacceptable. Its competitors had BASIC pre-loaded. Enough said.
    .......... Geoff Robinson, Flore. Northants, 10th of February 2012

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